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Why Put CBD Oil under Your Tongue?

When it comes to CBD oil, there are multiple ways to take it to reap the benefits. You can mix it in your smoothie, drink it with tea, put it on food… or you can place it under your tongue. Placing a dropper full of CBD oil under the tongue is actually one of the most effective ways to absorb CBD into the blood. This is why we recommend that each dose of CBD oil be held under the tongue for about 30-90 seconds. 

CBD has multiple ways of being absorbed into the bloodstream and some are more effective than others. When digesting CBD either through an oil, capsule, or edible, the CBD must make its way through the stomach and into the intestines before being absorbed. This means that the effects of the CBD will take longer to take effect and less of the CBD is actually absorbed into the blood stream- the rest is damaged during digestion. The CBD available by digestion is only about 6-20% varying depending on if you have eaten or not. (1) In fact, CBD is better absorbed after you eat rather than on an empty stomach. (2) BUT- if you place the CBD under your tongue and hold it there for 30-90 seconds, the CBD is absorbed through the tiny blood vessels in your mouth. This means more of the CBD can enter your bloodstream and you can feel the effects quicker and more effectively. Absorption under your tongue, or sublingual absorption, on average is about 13-19%, but can be as much as 35%! (1). Plus, since the CBD is absorbed quicker it is then effective quicker- in only about 15 minutes as compared to an hour with digestion. According to reviews, this makes CBD oil popular with people that are looking for quick relief from anxiety, pain, or in need of a good nights rest.

Absorbing CBD under the tongue can have one challenge. The taste. Some people don’t like the “hempy” or “oily” taste of CBD oil. This can have a lot to do with the carrier oil used and whether or not it is flavored. Choosing the right carrier oil not only changes the flavor of the tincture but also can affect the availability of the CBD in it- so picking the right one is pretty important. Our natural flavored oils are created by infusing pure hemp extracts with Certified Organic MCT oil. MCT stands for “Medium Chain Triglyceride” and is one of the best carrier oils to use when it comes to making CBD readily available for absorption. (3). Plus, MCT oil has a good shelf life and is tasteless. That means our natural flavored tincture really just tastes like the hemp extracts used to make it and not “oily” or “fishy” like some other CBD oils. For those that are not crazy about the hempy taste- we also infused a bit of Certified Organic mint, cinnamon, or my favorite- blueberry. These extra oils mix well with the MCT and hemp and create a better tasting product with a high availability of CBD! So the next time you go to mix your CBD oil in with your smoothie or tea- try holding it under your tongue instead.

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